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The official hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin, including Florida, ranges from June 1 through November 30, peaking from mid-August to late October. A deadly hurricane or tropical storm can occur at any time during the season, causing widespread devastation that leaves hundreds or thousands of coastal area homeowners with significant property damage.

If your home was affected by a hurricane, you cannot count on your insurance company to fairly and swiftly pay the full value of your claim. Even though you pay for insurance each month, your insurance provider may unreasonably delay payment or may deny your claim altogether. Having an experienced hurricane damage attorney in your corner can save you a lot of trouble.

Englander Peebles serves residential property owners across the Miami area, handling hurricane damage claims with care, honesty, and competence. We know that insurance companies often act in their interests, and their interests alone. They place profits first, and unrepresented homeowners pay the ultimate price. Our attorneys level the playing field, exposing bad faith practices and presenting our clients’ claims in a clear manner to pursue fair compensation. You'll get outstanding customer service when you work with our law firm. We are committed to making sure that your needs come first.

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What Should I Do After a Hurricane?

If your home or business sustains damage during a hurricane, the following steps are recommended to ensure your insurance claim is handled quickly and fairly:

  • Cover up any damaged property: By protecting your damaged property with tarps, you can help prevent any additional water damage to the property. The insurance company will try and use any reason it can to avoid paying you. If your property is damaged after the hurricane the insurance company may claim that the damage was your fault or undervalue your claim since all damage was not the result of a hurricane.
  • Secure documentation of everything: When taking photos, it's important to document each side of your house. Start outside and take photos of each wall of the home and make sure the entire home is in the frame. Make sure to take photos of your entire yard, too, and get wide shots as well as photos that show more detail. Inside, take photos of entire rooms, then of individual items. Photographic records can be extremely helpful in filing your claim.
  • File your insurance claim promptly: As with most insurance claims, it's important that you act fast. You do not want the insurance company to argue that you did not report the claim within a reasonable time.

Florida Insurance Coverage Requirements for Hurricane Wind Damage

In Florida, insurance companies are required to include coverage for wind damage caused by any storm declared a hurricane by the National Hurricane Center. Residential property insurance policies must include coverage for windstorm damage, including damage to the interior of a property resulting from rain, hail, or sand. Coverage begins when the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning or watch and ends 72 hours after the warning or watch is terminated.

Mandatory Discounts on Policy Premiums

Also, under Florida law, insurance providers must offer discounts on policy premiums for homeowners who install certain wind-resistant features on their properties. Such features are designed to reduce damage from wind in a hurricane.

Separate Hurricane Coverage Deductibles

A separate deductible is another factor that specifically affects hurricane damage. Insurance providers can include separate deductibles for hurricane damage, which may be higher than other deductibles.

Evaluating Policy Language & Protecting Your Interests

Even with statutory insurance requirements for hurricane damage, residents of Miami and the surrounding communities may find it difficult to translate policy terms and understand what is covered. Our hurricane damage lawyers are experienced with these claims and can help you understand your policy. We will explain your insurance policy to you in clear terms so you know what to expect. We can handle all communication with the insurance adjuster or other representatives to protect your interests. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

damaged house roof after hurrcicane

What To Do with Damaged Items

You will want to take proper action if your property was damaged in the hurricane. Your first step should be to submit an insurance claim as soon as possible, but it is essential that you do so properly. Here are some tips for submitting a claim:

  • Take photos of the damage before you clean up and start on repairs - this is beneficial for insurance claims. These records can also be useful if the claim is denied and the help of an attorney is needed to pursue legal action.

  • Contact an attorney to assist you in submitting an insurance claim. Your attorney will make sure that your insurance claim contains everything that is needed for the insurance company to begin its investigation.

  • Once evidence has been preserved, get set up to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage. Your safety is of primary concern.

Major Causes of Hurricane Damage in Miami

Florida is perfectly situated to experience some form of hurricane throughout the year. The severity of these storms, however, will depend on a variety of factors including:

In addition to the obvious damage caused by the initial hurricane, additional causes of damage can result. This can include flooding and resulting tornadoes.

What Happens if Your House is Destroyed in a Hurricane?

The first action item is to put your safety first. You will then need to:

  • Document the damage
  • Take photos of the scene
  • File a claim for damage

First and foremost, however, you must ensure you and your family’s safety. Although the waters may have receded, there are still catastrophic effects that can occur. Gas leaks, fallen power lines, and refuse are just some of the dangers that may be awaiting you.

Once you and your family are safe, the next order of business will be to review your insurance policies and have your attorney contact the insurance company to file a claim.

You will then want to document everything in order to help your Miami hurricane damage attorney to build a solid claim on your behalf. Here is what you will want to do:

  • Take an inventory of your home

  • Take pictures of any damaged property

  • Keep track of any costs of repair

  • Keep track of living expenses in temporary housing

Very importantly, in all of your interactions, work with an attorney who will handle the communication with the insurance company.

Common Tactics Used By the Insurance Company

It is essential to have an understanding of what tactics the insurance provider will use to avoid paying you as the policy holder. We recommend conferring with property damage lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your rights.

In summary, prioritize your family’s safety and work with an experienced hurricane damage lawyer who can guide you through the claims process.Trust Englander Peebles for experienced legal representation and outstanding customer service across Miami.

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