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Water can be extremely destructive. If a pipe bursts in your home, you may be left dealing with toxic mold, structural damage, and staining – all of which may require extensive repairs. The expenses can be astronomical. With so much at stake, you may find that your insurance provider will not cover all the damage. Homeowners’ insurance companies make money by collecting premiums, not paying out claims. They may try to protect their bottom line by delaying payment, offering an unfairly low settlement, or even denying a valid pipe burst claim.

Englander Peebles is here to help if you are a Miami homeowner dealing with a pipe burst insurance claim. Our attorneys know the strategies used by insurance adjusters to minimize payouts, and we expose these practices, carefully investigate and document our clients’ claims, and pursue recoveries that completely cover all damages. We are highly experienced with homeowners’ property damage claims and are ready to put our resources and knowledge to work for you.

How to Detect a Burst Pipe

Strange Sounds

Have you noticed any strange sounds coming from your pipes? If so, they may be warning signs that something is wrong. Sometimes, when water passes through a pipe, it can cause an unusual noise indicating a leak or break in the line somewhere along its route to and from your home's plumbing fixtures.

A Strange Smell

You need to be aware of strange smells that might indicate a leak. Burst pipes are often the cause of unwanted odors in your home, which can signify other problems such as mold and mildew issues.

Swelling or Bulging

After a water pipe bursts in your home, you may notice bulges on the inside of your walls or in the roof. If this starts to happen, contact an expert as soon as possible, so that they can come to your home and perform any necessary fixes needed before it's too late.

Increased Water Bills

Burst pipes can cause your water bills to increase by a significant amount, so if you notice an increase in your bills, it could mean that there is a problem with one or more of your pipes.

Reduced Water Pressure

A burst pipe can lower the water pressure throughout your entire house. If you notice a significant drop in water pressure when bathing, showering, or using water faucets, then it could be a sign that a pipe is broken.

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Why Do Pipes Burst?

There are various reasons pipes may crack or burst. Some of the most common include:

No matter the cause, the results can be catastrophic. Pursuing a homeowners’ insurance claim may be your only option to recover money to pay for repairs, mold remediation, repiping, and more.

Creating a Damage Claim

If a pipe bursts in a building, insurance companies first have to determine who is responsible for the damage done by the burst. If it's determined that the pipe burst is because of negligence, it is unlikely you will get compensation for the damage caused.

We can help fight damage claims and determine if you are due compensation for damage done to your home or business. We have helped many homeowners to win damage insurance claims with our legal advice. Our law firm also runs damage insurance claim audits to determine how much an insurance company owes a homeowner. This is after it's determined that a pipe burst caused the property damage.

We know what kind of damage insurance companies are looking for when it comes to damage claims. That is why we can help you avoid the pitfalls of damage insurance claims. Let us analyze your damage insurance claim and help you determine how much compensation you should get from your insurance company.

Steps to Follow When Handling a Pipe Burst Insurance Claim

It is usually a startling experience when discovering a burst pipe. Occasionally, the pipe burst results from a slow and long leak which causes damage over time. Other pipe bursts are an emergency requiring instant action. A broken pipe can happen under the building, in the basement, or behind a wall.

The steps include:

Calling Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company knows that when a pipe bursts, you need to act quickly. This is why they recommend several damage remediation companies in your area for an emergency repair response.

Contain the Situation

A water damage remediation company is a must if you have a pipe burst emergency. A professional will come to your house and assess the situation before taking charge of it for you. They will take control of all necessary steps, such as shutting off any source that may be causing water to flow in and setting up fans so they can get your home dried out.

Get in Touch with an Independent Contractor or Public Adjuster

Public adjusters are the best course of action for those who have been victims of a burst pipe. They will clarify your coverage policy and find an appropriate cover for you. This is often not available from an independent contractor, according to many state laws. We can assign a lawyer to help you through the process.

Beginning the Remediation Process

At this point, the recovery company can cut through the damaged wall and repair the ruptured plumbing, returning it to its pre-damage condition.

Finalizing the Insurance Claim

The insurance company will send an adjuster to assess and document the damage when a claim is filed. Insurance companies usually cover restoration or replacement work costs if their policyholders have been victims of disasters like fires. Still, there may be other reasons why repairs might not get approved, even with water flooding in from broken pipe connections.

Maximizing Your Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often assume that policyholders have no intention of asking for additional compensation or negotiating a claim. Our Miami Pipe Burst Insurance Claim Lawyers have experience in handling such cases from any insurance company.

Tips to Maximize a Pipe Burst Insurance Claim

It is always a hassle handling a burst pipe claim. Insurance companies tend to drag their feet when it comes to such a claim. Some tips include:

Documenting Everything

If you ever find yourself in the position of dealing with a burst pipe or other water-related damage, don't hesitate to take photos. The more proof you have that your possessions were damaged by the leaky pipes, the less chance your insurance company will refuse coverage for replacement costs.

Negotiating the Claim

Our Florida lawyers can handle the negotiations for you. So you don’t have to worry about the complications that are involved in the process.

Using all coverage

If you are displaced from your home due to an insurance loss, homeowners insurance may provide some relief. Homeowners’ policies typically cover expenses such as meals and lodging while the damaged property is being repaired or rebuilt. Therefore, make the most use of your coverage.

Serving Homeowners in Miami, FL

If a pipe burst in your home, you are probably wondering whether it’s covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Our Miami pipe burst claim attorneys can analyze the language of your policy and what is included to determine whether it is covered and how to pursue maximum compensation. Instead of getting the runaround by the insurance company, protect your interests by securing experienced legal counsel.

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